One of the core responsibilities of the FIDSM is the development of motorized surf sport worldwide. Through its member clubs the FIDSM is involved in every level of motorized surf sport and its remit extends to the hundreds of amateurs and professionals who enjoy the motorized surf sport in all of its variety.

The FIDSM is dedicated to representing the interest of the motorized surf community worldwide and defend their interests. On issues such as safety, environment and consumer law the FIDSM is aimed to promote the interests of the motorized surfers, within the European Union and through other international bodies.

The FIDSM is also the governing body for motorized surf sport worldwide. It administers the rules and regulations for all international motorized surf sport including the Moto Surf WorldCup Championship.


The FIDSM has a clear structure with its duties separated into reviewing sporting rules, taking executive decisions and resolving disputes.

The organizations duty is to act as an international governing and sanctioning body for the Moto Surf WorldCup races and any other FIDSM sanctioned event and to foster fair competition by formulating and promoting uniform rules and safety standards such as:

•   to promote, organize and supervise the Moto Surf WorldCup events in a professional manner;

•   to supervise and grant affiliation to international organizations with similar purposes and to cooperate with such organizations;

•   to promote the positive image of the Moto Surf WorldCup by communicating with and educating FIDSM members and other users on the fun, safe and responsible usage of Jetsurf and other motorized surfboards;

•   to collect and disseminate information relating to the sport;

•   to undertake activities aimed at advancing the sport; and

to be an effective, unified voice for the sport.