Race Licenses

The FIDSM is the only worldwide ruling organization to award Motorized Surfing Race Licenses.

Why getting an FIDSM Race License?
Only FIDSM official licensed Racers can compete in any FIDSM sanctioned motorized surfing race event.

Where to get an FIDSM Race License?
Please write to j.zeman@motosurfworldcup.com and indicate your interest in getting an FIDSM Race License, according to your location, we will help you to find the best way.

What will I learn?
To be awarded an FIDSM Race License you will have to know the FIDSM Race Rules and Regulations, Safety Procedures, Skillful Riding in different water conditions, Maintenance and 1st AID.

How much does the FIDSM Race License cost?
The Race License costs 100EUR (all year) and 50EUR (one-race) for man category. For ladies category is just one type - all year License for 50EUR.